Sell On A4Trade

Sell on our!
You can register on a4trade and send our team an email that you would like to list your items on our web site.
Once you have requested to sell on a4trade, then our team will set up your account with a template that you will be using to list your items.
When we set up your sellers account, then we will send you instructions on how to list on a4trade.
Our system is easy to use and you can list as many items as you like.
You will list the items, package them and ship them to the customer and put in a tracking number into a4trade web site. On the 1st of the month you will receive a sales report of your completed sales for the previous month. You will be paid out on the 5th of each month minus our fees to list on a4trade.
A4trade collects the payment, we will send your orders to you in pdf format.
We charge 20% on the selling and shipping price.
In the beginning you will start your items at $1 plus shipping and you choose where you want to ship and you choose how much to charge for shipping.
Thank you,
Joe Baburic